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An Assam from Adagio Teas

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Brand:Adagio Teas
Region:Assam, India
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Wanted to relax tonight before bed, so I thought the perfect way to do this was to take a nice, hot bubble bath, sip some Assam Melody from Adagio teas, and finish the novel I’ve been reading.

I wanted to try a sample that wasn’t too risky since I didn’t want to accidentally grab a sampler I didn’t like and be stuck with it once submerged in the tub. Chose a basic black as this seemed easy not to hate, and thankfully I was right. The smell is fragrant but not overly so, just a dependable yummy smell that all good black teas have when you inhale deeply with your nose hovering in the cup. The color was a dark red that looked rich and deep. Taste wise it was sweet and pleasant. At the very end of each sip there was a something…almost a bitterness but not quite, and I see what some mean almost about a dryness (this was hardly noticable to me, however.)

While everyone touts it’s lack of bitterness, I must say I accidentally steeped this one a little over three minutes and hit the five mark. I can see where it would be overwhelming if you oversteeped it much too long. It’s a basic clean black, pleasant and enjoyable, warmth and relaxing. There is no amazing pizazz that shouts from the cup and sings to the senses, but it’s definitely enjoyable.

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