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Brand:ITO EN
Region:Sivasagar, Assam, India
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Assam tea has acquired its name from its region of production- Assam in India. Characteristics like rich malty flavor, fuller body, bright color, briskness and sweet aroma has made this tea a hot favorite amongst the tea-enthusiasts all over the world. This tea is generally taken with milk and sugar but it can be drunk without milk also. The teas popularly known as “Breakfast Teas” generally contain tea leaves from Assam. Assam Tea has varied health benefits as well.
Mangalam is a very well established quality mark garden, fetching very high prices in both Orthodox and CTC teas. We are one of the few tea producers who have gardens all over India. We bring to you tea fresh from our gardens. This exclusive Golden Tips tea is an absolute rarity from one of the best plantations in Assam. The leaves of this tea are processed in a very special manner to make it full of golden chunky tips. This tippy tea from Mangalam in Assam is a top notch beverage with brisk, bright and gutty flavor. This is a best-seller amongst our products and renders a pleasurable drinking experience to every tea connoisseur.
Liquor : Brisk, bright, gutty cup with nice second flush Assamese flavor.
Leaf : Made from Panitola clone, which is a very delicate tea bush. The leaves blaze with true golden chunky tips.
Infusion : Coppery bright infusion with distinct with distinct nose and some Panitola Characters.

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