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A Yunnan Red from Rishi Tea - O Organic - F Fair Trade

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Brand:Rishi Tea
Style:Yunnan Red
Region:Yunnan, China
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9 of 103 of 53 of 570 of 100

Wow. I love the aroma of this tea...it is much more vegetal than most black teas, clean and fresh, and yet warm too. Smooth and yet relatively full-bodied, but thin relative to some breakfast teas. No astringency.

I do notice the peppery tones characteristic of a dian hong. The aroma is pleasingly complex. There's a pleasant bitterness to it to. Similar to Rishi's golden Yunnan, but less malty / rich. This is a clearer (perhaps thinner) tea, but still more full-bodied than an average black teas.

The main reason that I wouldn't place this tea among the best of the best is that in spite of being so smooth, it is still rather tannic and even though it tastes gentle, it proves to be a bit harsher upon drinking the whole cup. Rishi's golden Yunnan is also a bit tannic in the finish, but for some reason, the thicker body of that tea makes it a more positive quality in that case, whereas this tea it does not go well with the thinner body.

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