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A Darjeeling Black Tea from Frontier - O Organic - F Fair Trade

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Style:Darjeeling Black Tea
Region:Darjeeling, India
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This tea was stored in glass jars in a co-op. I have no idea how fresh it was; the dry leaf smelled fresh and pleasing, but the brewed cup was slightly disappointing. The storage conditions were not optimal, and there was no date, so it could have been that this was just a bit old.

Dry leaf is pleasingly aromatic, with a typical Darjeeling smell, including some muscatel grape. Dark-colored leaf, showing less greener leaf than is typical for a Darjeeling.

Fairly dark and full-bodied for a Darjeeling, considerably darker and more full-bodied. Considerable astringency, especially in the finish, but I think this tea would seem less astringent if it were more aromatic. Only a slight bitterness. Still lighter than a typical breakfast tea or an Assam, but on the darker side for Himalayan teas.

This tea was not bad, but it was considerably below average for an FTGFOP or other high-grade Darjeeling. I've had better broken-leaf Darjeelings. Normally I can get 2 flavorful infusions out of black tea of this high a grade, but this one had lost most of its aroma after the first cup. I suspect that this is a high quality tea that was simply not fresh. Since Frontier seems to provide the whole display for teas and spices, together with glass jars, that I have seen in different co-ops now, I place some of the responsibility on them for proper storage. Yes, the co-ops could do more to store the tea better and keep it fresh, but why is Frontier providing these glass jars, when opaque metal tins would lead to fresher tea and spices?

I will say though, the price is pretty hard to beat for a Fair Trade + Organic certified tea. However, Hampstead Tea is in a similar price range, and I have found their teas (packaged in sealed, opaque metal tins) to be much fresher. Perhaps it stores better, but I had a much better experience with the Assam from Frontier, and it is also considerably cheaper.

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