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An Assam from Frontier - O Organic - F Fair Trade

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Region:Assam, India
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A classic Assam: no particularly outstanding qualities, yet a solid tea and pleasing to drink, especially for people who like strong, dark teas.

Strong, malty, with some fruity qualities. Some astringency and bitterness but less than a typical Assam. In spite of being orthodox tea of a decent grade, the leaf infused quickly. Strong enough that a 2 minute infusion was enough to satisfy me, but smooth enough that you could easily brew for longer if you wanted a stronger cup. After a 2 minute infusion, there was enough flavor left in the leaves for a second cup, which I think makes this tea a better deal than the similarly-priced Darjeeling from Frontier, which is more expensive, but gave out after only one infusion.

Quite inexpensive for an organic and fair trade certified tea, and on par with other teas in its price range on the basis of quality alone. Although I've sampled better Assams, I think this tea is quite a deal.

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