Tea: 546 Mountain Peak Mao Feng Organic

A Mao Feng Green Tea from SpecialTeas - O Organic

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of 546 Mountain Peak Mao Feng Organic
Style:Mao Feng Green Tea
Region:Zhejiang, China
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Review of 546 Mountain Peak Mao Feng Organic

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A blast from the past--somehow I forgot to post this review, so enjoy it and miss SpecialTeas!

I found this tea to taste more similar to other Zhejiang green teas that I've tried than it did to mao feng green tea from other regions of China. Aroma is strong, fresh, toasty, and grassy. I can see both the fruity and nutty qualities in the SpecialTeas description, but I also find it has some edginess to the flavor that I like; this may reflect my brewing with a higher water temperature (about 180F) than recommended.

Compared to other mao feng I've tried, I found this tea to be bolder, edgier, and less sweet.

I had the opportunity to try this tea because one of my friends' parents had ordered a large shipment of it during SpecialTeas' closing sale. I will miss this company, and I think this tea was a good example of their teas--solid, high-quality pure teas at a reasonable price.

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