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Last Updated: Feb. 28, 2018

About SpecialTeas

SpecialTeas was an online tea company founded in 1996 by Jurgen Link and based in Stratford, CT. In 2005, SpecialTeas was acquired by ST Acquisition Company, a CT-registered corporation which shares an Atlanta business address with Teavana, as well as sharing CFO Dan Glennon and Director Andrew Mack.[1][2] In January of 2011, SpecialTeas was closed, and their website redirected to Teavana's site.

SpecialTeas sold loose tea, and had a large selection. The teas on its website were divided not only into broad categories like black, green, and oolong, but were are subdivided into regions and a few more specialized categories such as Darjeeling first flush teas.


1. Commercial Recording Division, C.O.N.C.O.R.D. (database), Secretary of the State of Connecticut, Retrieved Aug. 19, 2010.

2. Business Entity (Database), Georgia Secretary of State, Retrieved Aug. 19, 2010.

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(1 review)
80 / 100

For me the best since a long time, when it's retired it means they are not produced anymore?

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Alex Zorach
(1448 reviews)
73 / 100
Picture of 522 China Chun Mee Organic

522 China Chun Mee Organic

Style: Chun Mee – Region: China
Jan. 14th, 2013

I never thought I'd get yet another opportunity to sample more loose-leaf tea from SpecialTeas, but one of my friends had a sealed packet of this tea and I was able to brew it up.

I must say, it stored very well and tasted very fresh.

As the commercial description suggests, this tea has a plum-like flavor. It is...

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77 / 100
Picture of 546 Mountain Peak Mao Feng Organic

A blast from the past--somehow I forgot to post this review, so enjoy it and miss SpecialTeas!

I found this tea to taste more similar to other Zhejiang green teas that I've tried than it did to mao feng green tea from other regions of China. Aroma is strong, fresh, toasty, and grassy. I can see both the fruity and...

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(18 reviews)
63 / 100

948 Green & Black Amazon

Style: Miscellaneous Blend – Region: Blend
Mar. 9th, 2010

Strong fruity scent , as the description implys it is heavy on the strawberry and rhubarb scent. The tea is mild in taste, first you taste the tea, then the fruity flavors are noticed. Overall a good tea.

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60 / 100

220 Assam Malty FBOP

Style: Assam – Region: Assam, India
Mar. 9th, 2010

My favorite of the low priced Assam from special tea's. Very rich in flavor,though if you are a lover of malty Assam you will find this tea to be lacking a truly strong malty-ness. If you are like me then I suggest Yamamotoyama's orange pekoe.

Overall a good tea.

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