Tea: Matcha Infused Genmaicha

A Genmaicha from Aiya

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The presence of the matcha is boldly evident looking at the dry leaf, but upon brewing, this tea seemed pretty similar to other genmaicha--perhaps a tiny bit more cloudy, but similar flavor and aroma.

Pleasingly nutty and toasty aroma, with a hint of vegetal tones. Flavor is smooth and overall character is mellow.

This is a mild, easy-to-drink tea that I think would please a lot of people. It's definitely one of the better genmaicha's that I've tried. There's more of a deep nutty aroma and less of the popcorn-like quality that I find in some of the cheaper examples of this type of tea.

Still, this tea is pricey enough that it competes with some of the higher-priced Chinese green teas, as well as other styles of Japanese green tea that I am more partial to. It didn't wow me enough to justify the price tag--$18 for 85 grams is up there among some of the better artisan teas, and this tea, while solidly good, is not a style of tea that I would ever pay this price for unless it really stood out somehow.

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