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This is a totally different beast, in my opinion, from the matcha-infused Genmaicha from the same company, and was surprisingly different from their premium sencha as well.

Rich, nutty aroma, almost grainy or oatmeal-like. Somewhat dusty finish, but with a hint of floral tones like I have encountered in some pan-fired Chinese green teas. Some vegetal qualities but overall, little of the grassy or seaweedy qualities that I associate with most Japanese green teas.

Flavor is smooth, but the finish has a strange astringency, leaving a dusty feel in the mouth.

Part of me wonders if what I'm tasting here is that I like the base tea and am not crazy about the infusion with matcha.

Like all of Aiya's offerings, I found this one to be a very good tea, but on the pricey side. Also, Aiya's premium sencha is cheaper by weight (although hard to compare because they don't sell them in the same sizes), but I think it is a better tea and offers better value.

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