Review of Barooti Assam (Broken Leaf with Golden Tips)

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I like this tea. It's dark, strong, and brews quickly. It's not too bitter. I added cream and sugar.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on November 24th, 2013

I definitely notice that this tea brews a lot more quickly than the Kalami Assam from Ahmad. I think this is a function of the leaf size--it's much more finely broken, whereas the leaf in the Kalami Assam consists of larger, more intact pieces of leaf.

I find this tea to be smooth though, relative to how quickly it infuses. Most finely-broken teas that I sample get unpleasantly bitter after 3 minutes or sometimes even shorter steeps. This one I've brewed as long as 7 and had it come out without too much bitterness or astringency for my tastes. And I drink it straight, without any milk or sugar.

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