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I played around with the brewing times on this one a bit, and find that I like it best a little 'overbrewed'. The website says to steep it at 176F for about a minute and a half, but that made it come out a little bland by my standards. Doubling the time to three minutes produced a bracing, umami type flavor I really liked. Even 'overbrewed' like this, it wasn't grassy, which was surprising to me. Instead it maintained a kind of smooth bitterness.

Reading the previous review, I wonder if I had the exact opposite reaction as the previous reviewer: he liked the base tea and not the infusion with matcha, whereas I was less a fan of the slightly floral-tasting base tea but loved rich-green color, energizing caffeination, and sharp, deeper flavor that came from infusing it with matcha.

In my case, based on my preference for a strong, 'overbrewed' flavor, I wonder if the subtlety and complexity that is supposed to be gained by infusing a high-grade sencha with matcha, was wasted on me. I enjoyed this tea a great deal, but doubt it's worth it to regularly buy a specialty tea like this, only to brew the complexity right out of it.

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