Tea: Ceylon Kenilworth OP-1

A Ceylon Black Tea from Teavana - O Organic - F Fair Trade

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Style:Ceylon Black Tea
Region:Sri Lanka / Ceylon
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Review of Ceylon Kenilworth OP-1

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This is a nice traditional black tea. It tastes a lot like your standard black tea from a tea bag, but better. This tea is full bodied with medium tannin, a medium malty flavor, and only slightly astringent. This tea is good for a minimum of 2 steeps. This really could be an everyday tea for a lot of people. I find this to be a good 2:00 PM tea. I usually add a teaspoon of rock sugar or a half a teaspoon of black sage honey to this one. Too bad Teavana keeps weeding out the good straight teas for fruity, blended, dessert teas.

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