Review of Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea

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I think Arbor Teas' description of this tea is spot-on: Velvety-smooth and sweet, almost suggestive of marmalade. I would not have guessed that this example is not from Taiwan--it tasted very similar to the Taiwanese Oriental Beauty oolongs.

Dry leaf has little aroma.

Brews a rich, dark colored cup, very smooth but thick, syrupy. Aroma is mild, but strongly suggests sweetness. Dominant tones in the aroma are grapes and caramel. There's a faint soapiness in the aroma as well. Flavor is mostly slightly sweet, with almost no bitterness or sourness.

Surprisingly little leaf is necessary to produce a full-bodied cup. I recommend not oversteeping; even though this tea does not become bitter or astringent, and even though I overall thought it not flavorful enough for my tastes, I thought it more enjoyable when steeped only for a shorter time (

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