Tea: Organic Tender Tip Country Green (Organic Chunmee Green)

A Chun Mee from Foojoy - O Organic

Picture of Organic Tender Tip Country Green (Organic Chunmee Green)
Style:Chun Mee
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Review of Organic Tender Tip Country Green (Organic Chunmee Green)

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This struck me as an average-quality chun mee (precious eyebrows) green tea for a very low price. Not the best tea of its type that I've sampled, but certainly the best at this price point.

I bought this tea in a Square tin for the pretty low price of $8 for 8 ounces, which seemed outright cheap to me.

The cup is pretty aromatic, and has floral nuances. Flavor is crisp and tangy; there's quite a lot of astringency. It's important to take care in brewing; if the water is too hot, this can get harsh tasting. When brewed properly, I find this tea has a cool, refreshing quality.

A good and inexpensive everyday tea, but I would prefer spending a bit more to get something a step or two up. Among Foojoy's loose-leaf offerings I prefer their Triple Cup Extra Green, probably their closest tea to this one that is superior in quality. My favorite chun mee is Upton Tea Import's Chun Mee Dao Ming, a little pricier (still cheap) but with a much more complex aroma.

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