Review of Darjeeling Black Tea

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I love Darjeeling - and the good stuff (first flush) is pricey - so I tried a box of this (cheap!) but you get what you pay for. Very ordinary - but the bags make it portble and it's better than the Lipton swill my office provides.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on May 5th, 2013

It's a bit harder to find, but if you can get your hands on Hampstead tea's Darjeeling tea bags, I find they're much better than these, and I've seen them for sale for a similar price. Harney and Sons also makes a Darjeeling in a tea bag that I think is very good, but it's pricier. I always love the loose stuff better though--and both of those brands are examples, both have some amazing loose-leaf Darjeelings that aren't available in tea bags.

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