Tea: Shoumei White Tea

A Shou Mei White Tea from Foojoy

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Style:Shou Mei White Tea
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I love shou mei, a darker white tea, and I love Foojoy, so I was expecting to like this one, and I did. It's remarkably high quality for such an inexpensive tea bag. The only shou mei I've tried in tea bags.

This tea is surprisingly pungent, with the characteristic aroma of autumn leaves, and a hint of spice and perhaps fruitiness. The flavor is more crisp than I expect for shou mei and the tea has a tad more bite than is usual for white teas. There's a little bitterness, but also some sweetness. Moderately astringent finish, but not unpleasant.

I'd be very happy to drink this tea in quantity, in some place where I only had access to tea bags. I still think loose-leaf wins out, both Foojoy's loose-leaf and that from other brands, but this is a very enjoyable example of its style.

I think so far, this and the Lungching (dragon well) green tea are my favorite two bagged offerings from Foojoy.

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