Review of Chai Classic (Formerly Organic Tazo Chai)

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A pleasant and drinkable, but somewhat uninteresting spiced tea or masala chai in a tea bag.

Brews a rich reddish brown color. Bold but clean flavor...moderately bitter and not very astringent.

I definitely notice clove as the dominant aroma. There's not much cinnamon, and I like that, as many commercial chai blends have too much for my taste. It does taste a bit more peppery than I like, like Slipster observed. I can't notice many discernable qualities to the base tea, which is unfortunate. There's a sharpness to the flavor, which seems typical of Assam teas, and a rice-like quality to the aroma, which I associate with some lighter black teas.

Leaves a pleasant tingly sensation on the palate, presumably from the clove.

I drank this plain; it might taste better with milk, as it had a bit of a sharp, cutting flavor that is usually a sign that it would pair better with milk.

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