Review of English Breakfast Decaf

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The tea bag has no smell, contrasting with the tea bag of the caffeinated Red Rose English Breakfast, which has a pleasant malty smell. I steeped for 5 minutes, which is what I prefer for the caffeinated version--even that tea is on the weak side for my tastes.

Upon brewing, the cup doesn't have much of a smell, but once I let it cool and started drinking it, it does have some flavor. Some, not much.

To their credit, I think this tea has just about the right amount of astringency, and it is full-bodied without being harsh. That's the only thing I really like about this tea, that and perhaps a small amount of pleasant bitterness. The aroma seemed flat and even almost completely absent.

I don't generally drink decaf teas, instead opting to drink rooibos, raspberry leaf, or any number of herbs that emulate black tea in their flavor and aroma. But among decaf teas in the English Breakfast style, I strongly prefer Yorkshire tea.

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