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Definitely among the best senchas (if not the best) that I've ever had from a tea bag!

Flavor is mild and a little brothy. Aroma is slightly toasty, slightly seaweedy.

Easily brews two infusions...the first two cups are outstanding for a tea bag, although they have less of that pleasant sweet grass quality that some of the better loose-leaf senchas have. I steeped 2 minutes and then 3. The third cup is bold and flavorful, but its aroma is milder...I found I wasn't able to get the third steep to turn out to sastisfaction because it became bitter before its aroma was strong enough to satisfy me.

I experimented a bit with brewing temperature and found that this tea wasn't terribly picky; I like brewing it around 170-180F.

I had initially commented that this company was much pricier than other brands of high-end tea sachets, like Two Leaves Tea and Mighty Leaf. I see though that they've lowered their price and are now in a similar price range to these brands, perhaps a notch higher, but I think the quality is much higher and worth the premium.

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