Tea: Decaffeinated Antioxidant Green Tea

A Wellness Tea / Medicinal Tea from Salada

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Style:Wellness Tea / Medicinal Tea
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I don't like (or recommend) eating or drinking antioxidant supplemented products because there is some scientific evidence that they may be harmful to consume, in contrast to whole foods and drinks which are naturally rich in antioxidants. It's the same reason I don't believe in taking vitamin pills. So I wouldn't drink this one regularly, but I did sample it. It was provided as a free sample from the Philly Coffee and Tea Festival.

I also don't like the widespread health hype that caffeine = bad and antioxidants = good, and I think this product is playing off those associations in a not-so-healthy way.

Flavor- and aroma-wise, this tea was interesting. It is clearly a flavored tea--and the dominant aroma is fruitiness, and of an artificial sort. It smells like berry-flavored fruit candy, or fruit roll-ups. I'm mainly getting blueberry, which is odd because there's none listed. I'm also sensing candied lemon peel or candied orange.

It doesn't taste half bad initially, a sort of pleasant tanginess, although there's a subtle but really nasty aftertaste that I am struggling to describe. Oddly acidic, and in a different way from most teas. The aftertaste is metallic and just tastes sort of wrong, like something I don't want to be putting in my body. It also left a weird sensation in the back of my throat.

I poured this one out after several sips, enough to explore the aroma and taste enough to describe it.

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