Tea: Tsui Yu Jade Oolong Tea

An Oolong Tea from Eco-Cha

Picture of Tsui Yu Jade Oolong Tea
Style:Oolong Tea
Region:Nantou, Taiwan
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Review of Tsui Yu Jade Oolong Tea

8 of 104 of 53 of 580 of 100

The aroma is herbaceous and sweet with notes of yeasty undertones. It reminds me of baking bread with herbs. Once steeped the aroma becomes more vegetal with undertones of sage. The liquid is herbal and sweet with floral tones.

I was lucky to get multiple steepings, the first one tasting vegetal and sweet. The second is more complex tasting herbaceous a fading to sweet floral. The third steeping is at first honey sweet and fades to vegetal and finishes with floral.

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