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A Lemon Verbena from Frontier - O Organic

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Style:Lemon Verbena
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Review of Lemon Verbena Cut & Sifted

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I like lemon verbena very much, and I find it a pleasant change of pace from other lemon-scented herbal teas. This batch was unusually bold in flavor, but its aroma was similar to other lemon verbena: lemony without being overwhelmingly so.

Aroma suggests lemon, gingerbread, and is also mildly vegetal and herbaceous, slightly suggestive of oregano, thyme, or marjoram. There's a mild resinous quality, but less so than lemon myrtle. Flavor is somewhat bitter and sour, especially if brewed stronger. Relatively low astringency.

I find the leaf goes very far and, while it looks loosely packed and I would normally use a heaping teaspoon for lemon verbena, I recommend using less than a teaspoon, and a brief (under 3 minute) infusion.

I enjoyed this very much, but it pales in comparison to whole-leaf examples of lemon verbena. I liked the bitterness and low astringency, but I thought it was a bit too sour for my tastes. Very good price though, especially given that it's certified organic.

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