Review of Beet Cabbage - Savory Tea

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I got this as a free sample at the Philly Coffee and Tea Fest 2013. I actually was excited to try this. Never saw it before, but I really like Numi teas and Beet Cabbage-I mean, who would of thought. Said to let steep for 10 mins-which I did. It had a red color to it, but it wasn't as red as you would think being beets are in the name. I think the black tea mellowed out the red. I could smell the beet and cabbage as well as the black tea. Tasted all three as well. The cabbage was distinct, I think you have to like cabbage, to like this. All in all, I would drink again. Think I would try the tomato one first. I actually have the spinach chive, which I am going to try tomorrow. This is just what it says it is, tea with veggie taste added, so don't read into more than that-it is what it is!

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