Review of Greenfield Estate Ceylon Black Tea

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The aroma is exceptionally sweet and fruity, blending notes of fresh grapes, scuppernongs, and a hint of fresh figs. There is also a very mild note of roses and malt, giving this tea a delightfully complex aroma. This might be the best smelling Black Ceylon that I have had the pleasure of sniffing.

The taste of this tea is very brisk and bright! The mouthfeel is bold, it is one of those teas that seems to fill up the mouth with a smooth flavor. The taste is earthy and nutty, with a boiled peanut quality (though not salty like the traditional Southern style boiled peanuts....oh man, now I really want some) that gives the tea a really rich taste. There is a malty finish that ties in well with the other qualities.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on March 29th, 2014

I loved this tea so much. It was unique about Ceylons and had a wonderful aroma. I think it's telling that it's the top Ceylon on RateTea right now. It seems to have a pretty universal appeal too, the people I shared it with have very different tastes, and they all thought it was very good.

Amanda wrote:
on March 29th, 2014

I agree, this is certainly the most unique and probably the best Ceylon I have had, thank you again for sending me some to try, it was a wonderful experience!

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