Review of Bulk Jasmine Tea, Organic, Fair Trade

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A jasmine tea with a bold green tea flavor and relatively subtle jasmine fragrance. Very different in character from most jasmine teas, but enjoyable.

Leaf is pretty finely broken, grayish green, and slightly curved, looking a lot like lower grades of chun mee.

The aroma of the brewed cup has only a modest jasmine presence; it's strongly fruity and also lightly smoky. Flavor is bold and strong, less up-front bitterness and more of a deep sort of bitterness that comes in the middle of the sip, slightly bitter aftertaste. More bitter than astringent...just enough astringency to impart a rich, full body.

I enjoyed this but I don't think it's a tea for everyone. If you like strong green teas with a smoky aroma, like chun mee and gunpowder, you might really enjoy this one. It's not delicate though, and not what I typically think of when I think of jasmine. The jasmine definitely takes a back burner to the base tea in this one.

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