Review of Singbulli, Darjeeling Black Tea, First Flush 2014

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Dry leaf has less aroma than the other samples from Happy Earth from this year; aroma is fresh and light like the other teas, but is more suggestive of caramel.

Upon brewing, the cup is not as obviously aromatic, but the flavor is similar. Sipping the cup, I notice pleasant floral tones, but they're fainter than in the other Happy Earth Teas. There is a hint of a certain enigmatic skunky quality, which I like, as it adds a bit of intrigue. As the flavor evolves, I notice some wintergreen notes, one of my favorite qualities in tea.

This produces a clean, cooling finish, leaving a lingering tingly quality on the palate. What started as a rather muted cup was delightful by the end. Like many of the other samples, I also enjoyed this tea more as it cooled. More so than the other four samples, I found this one to grow on in I didn't like it quite as much at first, but by the end I liked it more on par with the others.

This one can be resteeped for a somewhat similar cup...although slightly thinner and slightly less aromatic, still very enjoyable.

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