Tea: English Tea No. 1

An Earl Grey Tea from Ahmad Tea

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Brand:Ahmad Tea
Style:Earl Grey Tea
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Review of English Tea No. 1

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I had the opportunity to try this a long time ago, but the tea bag wasn't terribly fresh, so I waited to review it again. This time I got a fresh, individually sealed tea bag from my friend Anna--thank you!

This tea does have a hint of bergamot but it's just a hint, so little I almost couldn't notice it, so it tasted more like a straight black tea. Robust, full-bodied, with a little bitterness, moderate astringency, and a hint of a savory quality.

Among tea bags, I liked this better than Ahmad's English Breakfast, but not quite as much as their English Afternoon. This tea was a tad less malty than the afternoon one; I thought it was a little smoother, more aromatic, and more complex than their English Breakfast, although it was still a pretty straightforward tea.

Good (and a lot better than mainstream tea bag brands), but pales in comparison to Ahmad's loose-leaf. If I wanted a tea in this style, I'd go with their loose-leaf Ceylon, which ironically, was the next cup of tea I drank after drinking this one, so I was able to compare.

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