Tea: Java Green Gunpowder

A Gunpowder Green Tea from Upton Tea Imports

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Brand:Upton Tea Imports
Style:Gunpowder Green Tea
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Review of Java Green Gunpowder

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My first Indonesian tea sampled, and I was a bit disappointed, even though I like this style of tea.

This tea is considerably less smoky than most Chinese gunpowder teas I've had...only a moderate amount of smoke. It has a cool quality to the aroma, and a tangy flavor with some bitterness. More similar in all respects to a China Young Hyson or Chun Mee than to other Chinese gunpowder teas I've tried. The only really interesting thing about the tea is a faint hint of spice in the aroma that's a bit unusual for this type of tea.

Brewed as recommended this tea is gentle, and can make two infusions (using 5 minutes and a slightly higher temperature for the second one). The low brewing temperature is important...this tea becomes unpleasantly sour and astringent if brewed with water that is too hot--I think more so than is typical for a gunpowder tea--be very careful with the temperature on this one!

This tea is too similar to a Chun Mee, and I would prefer a good China Chun Mee to this one. Inexpensive, but so are many similar Chinese teas, including some organic options, that I don't see a compelling reason to buy this again.

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