Review of English Breakfast Decaf

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Surprisingly not bad! This is the first time I've tried a decaffeinated tea and I wasn't expecting much, but it was actually pretty nice. The level of bitterness was very low, and I swear I taste just a hint of cinnamon in this. It creates an all-around pleasant cup, even without cream.

Also interesting was the steeping process. Normally, teas spread more or less evenly when steeping. For this one, though, since I initially didn't stir it, there was a pool of dark liquid at the bottom. Is decaffeinated tea generally more dense than tea with caffeine? Odd, I wouldn't have thought it'd make such a difference.

As other people mentioned, there was no smell to the tea in the bag.

Less than $4 for 40 bags is an excellent price. If I had enjoyed the tea more thoroughly, the value rating would have gotten a 5.

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