Review of Puttabong, Darjeeling First Flush 2014.

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Despite leaving the leaves to brew a little longer than I originally intended (meant to brew for 3 minutes, but ended up closer to 5), this is a very smooth tea. I brewed it at 180 °F. This would make a very good general purpose, share it with friends sort of tea. There's no bitterness, I like the almost-floral aroma, and the first cup was decently substantial in flavor--neither overwhelming nor watery.

The second cup was a little weaker in flavor, but still pleasant. Someone brought sweets to work today and I had this cup with those. They went nicely well together. I agree with Alex about drinking this one slowly and about the fact that it retains pleasurable flavor as it cools. This makes it easier drinking at a more relaxed pace than some teas.

I got a third cup out of this tea and it was very good -- despite the fact that I seem to be in the habit lately of accidentally oversteeping my drinks. Very impressed with the ability of this tea to maintain quality in subsequent cups.

On the website the tea is quite pricey. It would certainly be worth an occasional splurge, though, especially considering it's very possible to get multiple cups out of it.

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