Review of Arya Ruby, Darjeeling Black Tea, Second Flush 2014, Organic

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Arya Ruby offers a rich aroma of fermenting fruit—grapes, apples, apricots. The first taste of the liquor is smooth, slightly sweet, and seemingly little else. But then notes of tangy fruit and a slightly drying astringency begin to develop on the back of the tongue, which, it seems, signals the real development of flavor. The tang is striking, and builds on the undersides of my tongue, but there are so many other flavors, scents, that seem to dance around and disappear before I have been able to identify them. There is a definite sense of floral perfume, a balance of flower blossoms and the sweet fragrances of fall decay. In the aftertaste the various notes of fragrance fade away, leaving behind a warm and lingering muscatel glow.

2.5g/6oz • 195° • 3min

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