Review of Fine Aromatic Darjeeling

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Served with breakfast at the Hotel Alt-Görlitz in Görlitz, Germany, an exquisite breakfast, I might add, and this top-notch tea was an excellent addition to it, on par with the rest of the food served there.

A high-quality sachet, filled with large pieces of relatively high-grade tea. Aroma is strongly fruity, of muscatel grape. Light-bodied. I had the opportunity to brew this tea in a glass teacup, and it was very light in color, like most first flush. Very smooth flavor, just enough astringency to give a pleasant finish.

The tea bag was also printed with a production date (June 6th, 2014) and expiration date, an excellent feature. This tea was incredibly fresh, less than four months after production, and it shows.

A contender for the best cup of tea I drank during my time in Germany, and on par with a lot of loose-leaf. Looking up the price of these, it's pretty reasonable--under 5 Euro per box of 25 sachets, cheaper wholesale. This is a great price, especially given the higher prices of tea overall in Germany, and that this is one of the best Darjeelings I've tried in a tea bag.

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