Review of 1400m Huang Shan Mao Feng

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Brewed tea in 9-10oz of water at 200F for 3 min first steep.

It had a nutty scent kind of like long jin (dragonwell). I could tell from the scent of the liquor and the wet leaves that this would be a top-quality tea.

The flavor is actually somewhat simple, but very pure. I get nuttiness/toastyness akin to the scent again, but (and this is partly my imagination) there is another quality that reminds me of the mist from the mountains that the tea came from (it is harvested 1400m above sea level as the name says). The flavor increases in depth and character as the tea cools. I'm on my 3rd steep, and it seems to get better each time! I used a little less water and steeped a little longer though (approx 8oz and 4 min). Not much else to say besides that this is a very good tea, and definitely worth the money. You can also brag about its origins :)

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