Review of Assam Boisahabi Malty Second Flush

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A very enjoyable, almost prototypical Assam, but of very good quality. Another of the many samples recently brought back to me from Germany.

Dry leaf aromatic, but doesn't quite betray the true beauty of this tea.

Upon brewing, produces a richly aromatic cup, full-bodied, and with both warming and cooling qualities. Malty, slightly fruity, and with a note of wintergreen in the aroma.

I brewed two cups, a 5 minute steep followed by 8 minutes. The second cup was lighter bodied, but it had surprising aromatic notes that came out more than in the first cup: it struck me as more warming, and had notes of bitter chocolate and caramel, and was quite complex.

I'd recommend this to people who like typical Assams, strong black teas, and want something of good quality.

I think the price on this is very good in the U.S., and the price in Germany is an outright steal.

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