Tea: Emperor's Clouds and Mist Green Tea

A Clouds & Mist (Yun Wu) from Teavana

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Emperor's Clouds and Mist Green Tea
Style:Clouds & Mist (Yun Wu)
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Review of Emperor's Clouds and Mist Green Tea

8 of 105 of 52 of 580 of 100

This was the first of the new Teavana teas served in a Starbucks that I sampled. I thought it was a delightful tea, a great example of a high-quality Chinese green tea.

Brews a cup with a very pale liquor but a surprisingly strong flavor: flavor is both sweet and bitter, lightly sour, and with a strong savory or umami quality. Very aromatic; the aroma is fresh and grassy, and lightly toasty, with floral accents.

Brews a second cup which was quite different in character. This cup had a pleasant nutty aroma that was stronger than the first. The flavor was more tangy, but a little thinner and with a slightly metallic aftertaste.

Very good, and I sense that I might have been able to get a third steep out of the leaves, but I did not have time. I would happily drink this again. I think it's a step up from any of the green teas offered by Tazo; the one I liked best was China Green Tips, but I think this tea is a notch up from that one.

I look forward to trying more of Teavana's offerings in Starbucks; this one will be a tough act to follow though. It's among my favorite Teavana teas sampled yet.

The one place where I give this tea a low rating, though, is price. Nearly $15 for only 2 ounces? No thank you. This is an excellent tea, but not that excellent...for that price, it's competing with some of the best artisan teas from small producers. Like many of Teavana's offerings, I think this is overpriced.

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