Tea: Coffee and Cigarettes

A Flavored Tea from Butiki Teas

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Coffee and Cigarettes
Brand:Butiki Teas
Style:Flavored Tea
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Review of Coffee and Cigarettes

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]Dry leaf: smells like freshly ground coffee beans, a light tough of hay, strong earthy notes, and a touch of smoke.

Liquor Color: deep dark brown.

Notes: I instantly fell in love with this tea. I am in trouble, because it is all that I will ever have. Even though I have only tried it once, I can have already been hunting for another coffee-flavored puerh to add lapsang souchong to. About the LS in this tea, I personally think it could stand to be a little more present in this tea. You know me, I really like my smoky flavors! The coffee flavoring is spot on as well. It is like a fresh brewed cup of dark roast coffee with the addition of a very light smoke.

I gongfu'd this tea, and was able to infuse it 16 times before giving it a rest. The earth and wet wood flavor carried the whole way through, as well as that coffee flavoring. I remember from pumpkin butterscotch coffee that the coffee did linger longest in the brew. The smoke fizzled out within maybe 10 steepings. This was a very good shou puerh base!

I shared the first eight steepings with my ever-patient boyfriend. I rinsed for five seconds. I left the room to grab a pitcher of water and heard my boyfriend exclaim, "Wow, this really does taste like coffee and cigs!"
"But I haven't made the first cup yet!" I shouted back, confused as hell. Turns out he had drank the rinse that I had left in the cha hai LOL. I tried to explain to him that the water from the rinse was not good, and meant for only your worst enemies, but he didn't seem to understand.

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