Tea: Mangalam Full

An Assam from Harney and Sons

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Brand:Harney and Sons
Region:Sivasagar, Assam, India
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2014 harvest. A very pleasant tea that I have enjoyed drinking daily. Ever-so-slightly disappointing, but only after trying some of the Kenyan teas sold by Harney, which were cheaper yet which I still liked better. I think had I not bought this in such a batch of top-notch teas, it might have shined a bit brighter. I still thought it was a very good tea overall.

Dry leaf is aromatic and pleasant, deep and fruity, with a hint of malt.

The brewed cup isn't as aromatic as I'd expect, it has notes of cocoa and vanilla, and smells a little dank and dirty. Flavor is oddly subdued. This was not what I was expecting, and it reminded me a little of Chinese teas more than a typical Assam. As the cup cools, I'm astonished at how smooth this tea is; it's almost too smooth for me. I find myself wanting more astringency, more body, more kick.

When brewed more strongly (using more than a teaspoon of leaf and steeping for the recommended 5 minutes), notes of bitter chocolate come out. I also find that the finish is rather complex. There are still only hints of malt, less than I expect in most Assam.

I find this tea is a little picky about brewing temperature. This is a tea where I'm careful to not only make sure the water has fully reached a rolling boil, but where I also make sure to warm up the cup or teapot or whatever brewing vessel I'm using. I find this makes a big difference in bringing out some of the interesting aromatic notes.

Although this isn't a very expensive tea, I found I needed to use more leaf than normal to produce a cup strong enough to be to my liking, so it isn't as good a deal. Like I said, trying this side-by-side with the Kenyan teas from Harney that I sampled, I thought it wasn't up to the same level. I also have tried a number of Assams over the past year that I liked better than this one.

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