Review of Peppermint (Sachets)

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Served in the Barnes & Noble Cafe in Newark, DE.

I am more partial to spearmint than peppermint, but I do enjoy peppermint from time to time. I picked this one mainly because it was one of the only two caffeine-free herbal options in the cafe, and I had already tried the other one.

This is a very good peppermint tea. Much smoother flavor, less sourness, and low astringency. I also was able to resteep this and the second cup was very flavorful.

I still prefer spearmint (and probably would take a lower-quality spearmint over this one, just out of personal preference) and also prefer the peppermint grown in my garden, but this was my favorite pure peppermint tea bag I've ever tried.

A little overpriced though, at least relative to how much I'd enjoy it. I personally get more excited about spending less money for, say, Harney's flat tea bags of Darjeeling, or other black teas. Also, a comment on the cafe's selection, I wish they'd stock something else other than this (why is peppermint the norm, rather than spearmint?) among their caffeine free offerings.

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