Tea: Earl Grey Black Tea

An Earl Grey Tea from Teavana

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Style:Earl Grey Tea
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Review of Earl Grey Black Tea

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This tea had a pleasant aroma, slightly fruity and slightly perfumey, with a good balance of the beas tea and flavoring. Piquant: bold and edgy, both in flavor and aroma, but pleasantly so. Quite bitter, and with a light astringency in the finish. Potent.

A typical Earl Grey of good (but not amazing) quality. Nothing really stands out.

Seems pretty strongly caffeinated. Does not taste artificially flavored (which, incidentally, it is, if you check the ingredient list on the Teavana website).

I find the base tea tasted better at the first sip, than by the end of the cup; towards the end of the cup the base tea began to taste flat and uninteresting.

I thought this was okay, but not really up to the level of quality of Teavana's other blends, and I am not convinced this offers an improvement over what Tazo offered, especially since Tazo's Earl Grey was not artificially flavored. I'm shaking my head on why they need to artificially flavor a blend like this...it's relatively uncommon for a company to do that sort of thing.

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