Tea: Earl Grey

An Earl Grey Tea from Bigelow Tea

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Brand:Bigelow Tea
Style:Earl Grey Tea
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Review of Earl Grey

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As Earl Greys go, this is about average. Decent, but somewhat flat. Bigelow seems to pride themselves on black-tea quality, and their other flavored teas seem to back up such sentiment.

This, however, is a tea that smells far stronger and better in its packaging than it brews out. The bergamot seems muted, understated, as if it spends too long in shipping or storage before being incorporated into the tea.

This tastes like a somewhat old tea that has been shelved in plain-paper wrapping too long--except that this is packaged in the same air-sealed wrapping as the rest of their bagged teas. I'll drink it in the absence of better alternatives, but fortunately, better EGs (e.g., Stash Double Bergamot, Celestial, or Ahmad) are fairly easily available online.

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