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I agree with the sentiments below that this tea doesn't quite match its absolutely sublime scent, but also, to me very few teas do.

Regardless, this is one of my top 2 or 3 favorite herbals (another one by CS, Tension Tamer, is up there as well). This tea is very smooth, minty and creamy, natively sweet, and as a fan of both vanilla and mint, the combination with green tea is perfectly balanced and very relaxing. I could drink this all day long on a quiet weekend, and have. It takes a good deal of self-restraint not to pour cup after cup until most of a box is gone.

Since it's only available in local retail during the Christmas season, and I'm usually too lazy to order tea online, I buy several boxes and ration throughout the year. Brewed long and strong, it actually makes a marvelous summertime iced tea--especially in a hot climate like Oklahoma's. There are two herbal iced teas in the world I'd drink over all others, on a shady front porch with a warm evening breeze blowing: this, and Bigelow's "Perfect Peach".

There's orange peel in there--not enough to taste straight-up, but enough to add sweetness and a little fruitiness. The chicory also isn't enough to taste, but seems to give the blend some body. My recommendation for the CS blendmaster: do not mess with this at all; it's a winner.

Try this too: after brewing the tea to your liking (and I like it fully powered), squeeze the excess liquid from the bag, press and shake the clumps loose again, stick your nose directly on the damp bag, and simply breathe through it. Aroma-therapy heaven!

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