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A dark and rich tea with smoky notes that were unusual for a Ceylon.

I've tried other Ceylon teas from Kenilworth, and this is not only unlike any other tea from this estate or garden, but unlike any other black teas I'm tried from Sri Lanka. I found it interesting how different this was from other Kenilworth teas, like Upton Tea Import's TC85, or the Ceylon tea bags from Novus Tea.

Wiry leaf has a silvery-brown color and smells very pleasant, like raisins or other dried fruit, and with a faint smoky note.

Upon brewing, becomes much more smoky, and an interesting spicy note, like black pepper, emerges. Brews up full-bodied and dark. More warming than typical for a Ceylon tea...reminds me a lot of Yunnan teas.

Resteeps well. The second cup is medium-bodied, a bit thinner, but still has both fruity and smoky notes in the aroma.

Good overall, but didn't really wow or amaze me. I've preferred a number of other teas from Harney even in this price range (it's relatively inexpensive)

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