Tea: Love Story

A Flavored Green Tea from Basilur

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Style:Flavored Green Tea
Region:Sri Lanka / Ceylon
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I'm a dude. This tea is marketed to the ladies in a blatant, pandering, almost cartoonishly patronizing way with its pinkish packaging, "book of tea" self-characterization, cursive script, and use of phrases like, "mystify your senses," "reminisce romantic, unforgettable memories", and "fantasize many more years of love and romance". Wow. It's just a tea blend. Major turnoff there! But I decided to try it regardless.

"Love Story" came as a bonus in a box of other teas ordered by my wife. The aroma is intensely "perfumey", with a strong smell of lavender (even though that's not on the ingredients list). If ever a loose-leaf tea would make a great potpourri or car deodorizer, this is it.

As for drinking: If you like floral tea, it's not bad. The "book of tea" reads of very strong flavors, more mixed-floral than lavender--a rich green tea and naturally sweet. It's suited for the ladies but a dude can quaff it with little shame. If one can get past the self-caricaturing packaging, this stuff is worth a chug. Be more parsimonious than usual with the dosage, because the tightly balled dried tea nuggets unwind into huge, full green tea leaves and might overtop the strainer.

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