Review of Darjeeling Tea - Specialty Classics

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This was served to me at a wedding and I was able to take a few different tea bags to try them later. I was surprised at the quality of this one.

The tea bag is not extraordinarily aromatic, but the brewed cup has a very nice, strong black tea smell. It reminds me a lot of sticking my nose into a bin of fresh, loose-leaf black tea. It doesn't smell that distinctively Darjeeling-like, although a few of the familiar fruity and floral notes are in there.

This tea is bold and dark, quite unusually so for a Darjeeling.

Good and I'd gladly drink again, especially over other generic black tea bags. The quality of this one was closer to what I expect out of a good quality loose-leaf tea. I am only giving this a 3 on value because the only sources of it I found online seemed very expensive (about $13 for a box of 20 tea bags; this tea was good, but not worth that in my opinion).

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