Review of Blueberry Green

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Upon seeing this new tea for sale in the Victoria Murchie's store, there was no question I would get it and like it. Murchie's consistently delivers good to great tea, and blueberry is one of my favorite flavors; therefore, I bought a 50-bag box straight up.

The risk was rewarded. The green tea shines through and meshes very well with the natural flavor (dried blueberries!) used. They add blue cornflower petals to the tea; I do not know if that's just for color or if it somehow enriches the flavor as well. There is a floral undertone, but it is very subtle and may even be a psychological artifact of the power of suggestion.

My only complaint -- and it's minor -- is that the blueberry flavor can be a little stronger, much like the aroma. Still, since Murchie's does their own blends, it's possible I just got a slight bit fewer dried berry shards than normal. Regardless, this is a wonderful concoction.

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