Tea: White Tea - Ceylon Silver Tips

A White Tea from Dilmah

Picture of White Tea - Ceylon Silver Tips
Style:White Tea
Region:Sri Lanka / Ceylon
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Review of White Tea - Ceylon Silver Tips

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Wow, the aroma of this white tea is amazing. Like a combination of herbs and fruit...or fruity herbs :)
The pyramid sachets contain whole long buds, and the aroma before steeping is almost as good as the fully brewed cup.

The flavor is the best of any white tea I've tried...though I haven't tried that many due to my general dislike of white tea.
But I make an exception for this one. So delicious and lightly fruity. "Delicate" and subtle, this is the champagne of white teas for me personally.

Very expensive, and I'd rather have the option of buying this in bulk loose leaf rather than sachets, but I really love it as a special treat to myself.

I steep this one at 170 for 2 minutes. Unfortunately a second steep isn't as good as the first, which makes it even more cost prohibitive for me.

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