Review of Organic KuKi Cha Green Kamakura

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I just received a package of this Kukicha today, and immediately decided to give it a go.

Lately I've been brewing in a pseudo-gong fu style...using a lidded tasting set as my gaiwan (actually works quite well). But I recently ordered a couple of gaiwans that should be here soon.
Steeped 2 teaspoons in 4 ounces of 175 degree water for 30 seconds. A second infusion was for 40 seconds.

Like Alex I also found the aroma to be sencha-like. Quite pleasant I think.
The color is yellowish green. I enjoy the flavor. Very much a Japanese tea flavor that I find refreshing, and I didn't detect to much bitterness with short infusions.
Looking forward to experimenting more with this tea using various steeping times and temps.

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