Review of Scottish Breakfast

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This tea was extraordinary and was one of the best blended teas I've ever tried. I do tend to really like Scottish Breakfast as a style of tea, and this was an unparalleled example of such.

The dry leaf has a pleasing aroma with a light hint of smoke, just what I'd expect: noticeable, but a bit less than in a Russian caravan blend and much less than a smokey Lapsang Souchong.

Upon brewing, the cup produces a very complex aroma, a little bit like a single-malt scotch. There is a light hint of smoke and also a rich malty character, and fruity and floral notes as well.

The cup is surprisingly sweet and has a smooth, rounded character that makes it easy to drink even while it is highly potent and thick-bodied. With a strong warming quality, I found this an excellent winter tea to warm me up in cold weather. The price is a steal. I highly recommend this one, especially for people like me who enjoy black teas with just a hint of smokiness.

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