Review of Ceylon UVA Highland

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I enjoyed this tea; it's a potent black tea of good strength, with a classic British character. One could convincingly substitute this for an English Breakfast blend. It also has a great price, and is a bit smoother than other similar teas in its price range.

The cup is moderately aromatic, a little malty but more like rice. Only a hint of wintergreen (some Uva teas have more and I really like this) but still enough to have a sort of cooling quality. Some fruity notes too.

Moderately tannic, slightly astringent and leaving a bitter finish. Overall though, easy to brew. Even brewed on the stronger side, I found this tea never got too harsh for me. I found it tasted good whether brewed more strongly or more weakly.

I usually steeped this tea only once, but it can be resteeped if the first cup is only steeped 1-3 minutes. My preference was to brew it strong, using a teaspoon of leaf and steeping only once, for about 5 minutes. This produced a thick cup that, while slightly harsh, was bursting with flavor and left me feeling satisfied and ready to go on with my day.

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