Tea: Assam Tippy Golden

An Assam from Murchie's Tea & Coffee Ltd

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Brand:Murchie's Tea & Coffee Ltd
Region:Assam, India
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Wow, this tea was quite satisfying, especially for cold days.

The dried leaf smells good, the aroma is mild but complex, mostly fruity and malty, with hints of spice, dried herbs or portpourri.

The leaves explode in aroma when they are steeped in water and there's a honey-like aroma that is a hallmark of higher grades of tea, and there's also a hint of smoke in there. The brewed cup is very complex, with deep fruity and malty aromas, and a fleeting fresh minty note (only coming out if you brewing it strongly), unusual for Assam teas. The malt comes through very strongly mid-sip, giving this tea a rich, warming quality.

The flavor is naturally somewhat sweet, but like many Assams, there is a harshness, an edge, that I find immensely pleasant. It is cutting, making it pair well with rich foods, especially fatty sweets or meats.

I was able to get two satisfying cups, using a first steeping of 3 minutes, followed by a second one of 12 minutes. Even if I steep the first cup for 5 minutes (which makes it pleasantly stronger) I'm still able to get two steeps, the second cup is just a bit weaker. Great price too! I think you'd need to pay twice as much to get a better-tasting tea.

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